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Producer & Composer of Music for Media


My hame is Jeroen Grommen (°1979) I started playing the piano at 8 but was only an average piano student at first. Then I started noodling some tunes on my own. Didn't take long before music took over half of my brain. Drew my first compositions in Cubasis and grew along with the software, working in Cubase Pro 10 now.

In High School I studied music composition but writing music on paper wasn’t working out for me. Really needed to work with the sound, not just the idea of music.  If it wasn't for my parents support I would never have had a Master degree in Music (with distinction) at the Conservatory of Ghent.


Worked for several years as Post Production Engineer (mostly television, some foley, trailers etc).


I now work part time in a sheet music shop and self-employed compose music for space opera's, audiobooks, epic symphonic protest art, animation movie soundtracks and hopefully one day actual full feature film music too!

Showreel Demos


An Expeditionary Force Audio Drama Special

Starring Zachary Quinto, R. C. Bray, Kate Mulgrew, Robert Picardo, and everyone's favorite AI, Skippy the Magnificent, alongside a full cast. Includes plenty of pew-pew-pew, original sound composition, and maybe some singing by R. C. Bray.

  • Produced by Odd Origin Media and Dagaz Media

  • Story by Craig Alanson

  • Script by Craig Alanson and Jack Bowman

  • Talent Director William Dufris

  • Sound Director Fred Greenhalgh

  • Associate Producer Casey Turner

  • Dialogue edited by Jack Bowman

  • Sound design by Jamie Mahaffey/The Mix Room and O'Shea Creative Media 

  • Music by Jeroen Grommen 


Jerry Growl  Music

Jeroen Grommen


+32 0476610852

VAT:  BE 0817826794

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